Electroerosion cutting

Electroerosion cuttingElectoerosion cutting machine

Modern electroerosion cutting machines are equiped with device for automatic boring of wire holes and its automatic loading to starting holes.

Electroerosion cutting machines are also engineered as unmanned workplaces, where work-piece is taken out and inserted in the machine automatically by a machanical hand or a robot. Electroerosion machining is based on the principle of electroerosion cutting by forming "wire" electrode. Electroerosion cutting machines any type of conducting material, where it is necessary to keep forming and dimensional accuracy.

Electroerosion cutting machinesElectoerosion cutting machine

Electroerosion cutting machines are completely isolated from other production, which could have negative influence on final accuracy and quality of machined parts. Electroerosion cutting machines are located in air-conditioned area to prevent from heat dilatation among machines, workpieces, tools and measuring instruments.

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Electoerosion cutting machines - attributes
Max. workpiece dimensions 1050x800x315 1550x1200x345
Max.workpiece weight
500 kg 3000 kg
X/Y axis start up
650/400 1200/800
U/V axis start up 160x160 260x260
Z axis start up 320 500
Wire diameter
0.1 - 0.3 0.15 - 0.3
Nummber of controlled axis 5 axis X/Y/U/V/Z by servodrive
Max. cutting angle
+/- 33° / 100 +/- 26° / 100