About us

Pavel Řezáč company was founded in 2002 based upon experiences in field of engineering and related branches needed to build strong engineering-trading company.

Company's primary potential is an extended knowledge of engineering itself together with reliable style of trade worldwide, going hand in hand with perception and usage of latest technologies of machining, casting, welding, metrology and marketing. We represent superior czech engineering companies for many years that are able to comply with the highest quality requirements not only of EU.

In the Czech Republic, we represent engineering companies, which produce for us parts and components for VMC, VTL machines assembly. We represent purely private engineering companies with whom we have partnership cooperation. We addict ourselves to small batch production of precise or complicated parts and components. We are also able to provide complete assembly of machine and other tools.

We also buy and sell machine tools, forming tools, metals, steel, stainless steel, nickel steel, titan, aluminium alloys and non-metal materials.